About Me

Author and Friend

Hi, I’m Beni (B B) Shepherd, author of The Glister Journals, a realistic fiction series. Music, horses, literature, and art are lifelong passions. Experience to the contrary, I remain a hopeless romantic. I am also Autistic. I am not broken or disordered. This page is for topics related specifically to living on the autism spectrum.

I am a graduate of Cal Poly University (music performance) and Chapman (education) and currently teach full time, somewhere over 400 students a year. I live in the Bay Area with a very silly cat named Buu. I have three wonderful grown children who are the world to me. In my spare time I write, read, scribble notes, write, think up new stories, research, and write some more.

The Glister Journals follows Allison, a reserved but quietly determined autistic girl, through high school. The story is about friendship, acceptance, first love, and coming of age and equine themes. Bronze was recently released in a new edition. The second book, Copper, is nearing completion. More information can be found at the series website: The Glister Journals (being re-designed). You can also find me at Glistering: B’s Blog.

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